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    Contribute to the care and improvement of animal health through the development of veterinary pharmaceuticals food for livestock producers,veterinarians and pet owners generally at the national and international markets in compliance with the highest standards of quality, technicalmanufacturing, research, development, efficiency and service.

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    Position ourselves as the most important brand of veterinary products, leading the way forward in the development of products and servicesprofitably, be leaders in animal health and nutrition business and expand our presence in other countries. Continue to develop new products that contribute to animal welfare in favor of society.


- Responsability.
- Loyalty
- Honesty
- Assertiveness
- Commitment


Breco was started in the 1970’s by Mr Parker (Dr Blues),

an older gentleman who had an avid interest in the veterinary industry, and in particular, nutrition and supplements that would optimize the health and integrity of the animal. Having a background in the pharmaceutical industry, Mr Parker suffered a life altering accident leaving him partially disabled, he and was forced to leave his job. this is when he decided to turn tragedy into a positive experience and make it an opportunity to pursue his real love and interest in animal nutrition, supplements medications and overall health.

Dedicating his time to a few years of intensive research and extensive consultation with experts in each respective field, Mr Parker decided he could do better than what was currently on the market. What was available at the time, he felt, through the nutritional and supplement knowledge he had acquired through his research, along with proper medicinal care, could be improved upon in order to achieve the optimum health of the animal.

So, Breco began with this in mind, as a small family business. However, word spread quickly because the products were of the highest standards and followed one simple rule: they did what they said they would do.

Customers could rely on the integrity of the brand and after a few years, Breco became well known, had a large customer base, and grew well beyond a small operation. There was and is an incredible amount of interest from Mexico and the Philippines and is a market which we are pleased to be able to soon offer our guaranteed products.

Being in these markets was always a dream for Mr Parker and as he once, said, “Our products are often duplicated but are never replicated.” We are very excited about moving into this market, not only to bring you our products but to be able to fulfill Mr Parker’s ultimate dream of providing our products to those who want nothing less than excellence.